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Takarazuka List

Well, recently I've become rather enamored of various Takarazuka Revue productions. This is because they include beautiful actresses (many of them playing stunningly gorgeous men), lush costumes and sets, and singing and dancing.  So, I thought I'd post a list of the ones I'm currently looking for, because I am bored but also because I need to keep in mind which DVDs I'm keeping an eye out for via the sales posts on the Takarazuka community/ebay.

By the way, if anyone from the Takarazuka LJ community stumbles across this after I have bought from them, I'd appreciate if you'd leave some buyer feedback about me on here. I do try not to be a pain in the butt, but I admit it can sometimes happen, as I'm not very experienced in using Paypal outside of ebay. It doesn't help that the rules about feepaying etc  vary. It practically depends on the position of the moon and which direction you're facing.

Anyway, on to the list:

Lancelot (if/when released)
Mei's Butler

Elisabeth 1998 (Shizuki Asato)

Scarlet Pimpernel 2010
Romeo et Juliette (I'm going with Snow first I think)
Silver Rose Chronicle
Lucifer's Tears/Tarantella (2006)
Rose of Versailles -Oscar (2006) Mizu Natsuki Andre Digest
Lightning in the Daytime/Temptation
[So, basically anything with Mizu Natsuki in it...]
Mahoroba/A Magician's Misfortunes
Rome at Dawn
Shangri-La (2010)
The Gypsy Baron (2010)
The Emblem of Venetia/Junction 24 (1991, Ooura Mizuki)
Romanesque Mask/Golden Days (1997, Takane Fubuki)
Gu Bijin (2009)
The Legend Ver II (Star)
Black Rose of the Desert/Glorious
Pierre the Mercenary/The Star Dust Party
Pale Kiss (probably Flower 2008 when/if it gets released)
Valencian Passion / Space Fantasista! (Cosmos 2007)
The Winter's Tale (Flower 1999 - Osa as an Oiran. MUST SEE!)
The Legend of Oeyama / Apasionado!! II (Cosmos 2009)
In a Quest for the Blue Bird/Takarazuka Dream Kingdom
Studio 54
Tale of Coinbra
Saikai/Soul of Shiva
Anything else that I can get my hands on...

Golden Pharoh/Miracat
Great Pirates/Jazzmania
Cesare Borgia / Prestige
The Story of a Sword, Love, and a Rainbow / Jubilation!
Emperor/ Hemingway Revue (next)

List will likely be updated as and when.


A disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, which is evident from the contents. This is also technically Real Person Fiction, though it has no real shipping involved, so if you feel you might be upset by that then you read at your own risk. The real people here depicted are most likely not as they actually are, I've used my impressions of their personality from the videos and interviews I have been able to access. Who knows, really, what they are like in real life? Certainly not me.

This fic was influenced by a great many Elisabeth fics, but was kick-started into being by this one. Thank you also to my beta readers, who gave me such helpful feedback and encouragement.

Enter, Stage Left...Collapse )

Zuka Advent Day 11 - 16

Forgot again. Also it's getting trickier and trickier to pick things.
Read more...Collapse )

Zuka Advent Days 9 and 10.

Day 9 - Favourite theme song from a show

Technically I have two. The first one is Vampire Requiem from Seal of Roses:
I don't know what happened to the old video with just the song but at least the picture quality on this one is better. Besides, everyone pretty much knows the song I mean.

As to why, well, it's gorgeous and dramtic and it suits Rika's voice really well. Then of course there is Rika's voice (swoon) and the overall staging in the show also helps.

The second is the theme from Excalibur, which anyone who's followed me on here for a while will know is one of my all-time favourite Zuka shows because it's just so lovely and happy and is very loosely based around Arthurian legends. Also Zunko <3
Here is a video. It's not the in-show version, since I couldn't find a short clip of it, just the full show. The song in question is the solo that Zunko sings towards the end, but the first song is also from the show and there's bonus adorable interactions.

Speaking of Excalibur....

Day 10 - Most horrible Outfit ever (on- or off-stage)

...The revue it's paired with, Citrus Breeze, has a sequence where a bunch of Siennes wear pastel coloured gauzy dresses over nude body stockings with blank white masks and it's seriously scarring. I'm not hugely fond of the multi-coloured ruffly Latin number sin that revue either, but they are at least appealing in a garish kind of way. These are just horiffic. But sadly (or not, as the case may be) I can't find anything to show you them, so you'll have to settle for tastelessness instead: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/y-snA6rQvX8/?resourceId=0_06_05_99"

Zuka Advent Days 6, 7 and 8.

Day 6 - Favorite GRAPH cover.

I can't really answer this. I don't have a favourite. Though I suppose any Mizu cover would do considering that's what I bought some issues for (surprise surprise).

Day 7 - Funniest moment in a Revue

I don't know if I imagined this or not, but when I watched Birth of Revue I thought I saw one of the top star tails hit the conductor in the head as Tom and Osa crossed paths on the silver bridge. He ducked, but I swear one of them still hit him. I found it hilarious.

Day 8 - Best Photobook/Mook that was ever printed

Technically not a proper photobook, but Shibuki Jun's memorial book's photo section is amazing. There are pictures of her having an intimate moment with a statue. 'Nuff said.
No Berubara, no.

My favourite scene in Elisabeth is Elisabeth's wedding. I like Death's song (The Darkness is Spreading? Not sure about the German name), and I find it very ominous. When done right the echoing laugh is very sinister, though sometimes you can really tell it's recorded because it doesn't sound the same and that kind of ruins the effect. I still love it.

Zuka Advent Day 4 - Favourite Pair Dance

So many lovely, lovely dances to choose from. If we're talking proper, official pair dances then despite everything I think I'm still going to have to go with the Hoshi Elisabeth one. It's just so beautiful and I love the part where Mariko goes up onto the balls of her feet so Shiraki Ayaka can rest her head on her shoulder just right. The choeography is very affectionate in a sweet, romantic way too. <3

If we're talking in-show pair dances, notable mention has to be Turandot's dream sequence in Legend of the Phoenix. It's a bit sensual.

Zuka Advent Day 3 – Favorite Revue



*thinks so hard you can hear gears moving*

I think I'm going to have to say Miroirs, since it's probably the one I've watched the most and I don't think there's one bit of it I don't like. Other than the Magic Mirror costumes, what are they? But it has lots of shiny, and Mizu!Medusa angst, and Hiromi and Teru being Cinderella and Snow White, and Night and Day being sung by everyone in a bombastic remix, and the Water routine which is so beautiful and graceful and the segways into a song that sounds like it escaped from a cheesy 80s fantasy film.

So help me God, I love it all.

Zuka Advent Day 1 and 2

Well, I started this like I mean to go on. By which I mean forgetting about it and then having to double up.

These were equally hard, but for seperate reasons:

Day 1 - Favourite Chirashi

Okay, so this one was hard because I love chirashi. I really do. Even when the siennes in them don't look quite human with all the foundation and strong lighting and photoshop - because really, isn't that the point? They become an ideal of the characters, perfect and poreless flawless and everything you ever hoped for in a man/woman/androgyne. Like dream creatures in their pastel pretty backgrounds and their sparkly getups... Sorry, where was I?

So yes, I love them. I have a folder for them, as well as having some up on my wall. That was how it all started, finding some to put on my wall. You can infer from this that I found picking just one to talk about was difficult. Even when I modified it to 'favourite out of the ones I own' it was still hard. But I found it: !Katyusha
I've not even seen Resurection/Canon yet but I just think it's a perfect example of what I was talking about above. It's almost like a film poster in it's slick, atmospheric beauty. (pic gleaned from the Taka-wiki page so thanks glitteryopinion for that.

Day 2 - Favourite Graph Feature

This was hard for the opposite reason, because while I have quite a few Graphs I barely look at them. I can't read them and usually I only bought them because of a photoshoot or feature of a certain lady, and am keeping them just in case I manage to learn Japanese one day. I've not bought one later than 2010 so I actually have no idea if the feature I'll mention even exist anymore, but what can you do.

I like the costume focus pages, and as a bonus second the bits that focus on musumeyaku and things they like right now (I think it was called 'Fairy Style'?) and is all cutesy and pink and stereotypically feminine and you just wonder how these women can manage to be so precious and ladylike or at least appear that way.

And let me just moan about how crap the formatting of journal entries is now they've updated it, it inserts the coding half a sentance away from where you wanted it, usually in the middle of a word. Bravo guys, a great improvement.